About Me


I am an economist and researcher at Mathematica Policy Research. My technical training is in the areas of Labor Economics, Applied Economics, and Family and Social Welfare Policy.

My research interests lie in understanding how labor market and social welfare policies can impact the health, structure, income, and well-being of households, particularly those with children. At Mathematica, I’ve been working on a broad range of projects evaluating the impacts of programs promoting responsible fatherhood, healthy marriage and relationship education, self-employment assistance, disability support services, and teen pregnancy prevention. I enjoy working on the design and execution of impact analyses in the form of both experimental and quasi-experimental studies. I’m interested in research projects that apply my design and technical/analytical skills in the Labor, Family Support, and International areas.

My hobbies include playing scrabble a little too competitively, playing boggle far too competitively, watching really good movies, watching really bad movies, and giving my dog an unhealthy amount of attention.